The Roots of A Tree

When Salvatore married Rosalie, they had 9 Children, 6 Boys and 3 Girls, and started this tree with fruitful branches.

In the picture is their Legacy:

(Back row) Gasper, Salvatore, Charles, Anthony, William, Joseph
(Front row) is Angeline, Rosalie, Mary and Florence

Today this family Tree has generated 712 People, 652 are living, 372 are male, 340 are female. There are 200 Unique Last Names, There are 513 Families Spanning 6 Generations. The average age at first marriage is 24, first child is 27 and average number of children is 2.

Poke on any Family Sibling Below to See Their Legacy:

Charles: Born 1892
Salvatore: Born 1894
Anthony: Born 1898
Gasper: Born 1901
Florence: Born 1904
William: Born 1909
Mary: Born 1911
Joseph: Born 1914
Angeline: Born 1917

Poke on this Link to see the Entire Family Tree...Warning This is Big! Really Big!

Entire Family Tree