A Look Back in History

Carlo & Angela Ciaramitaro

We can start dating our history back to the 1800's.
Carlo & Angela Ciaramitaro Lived in Terrasini Sicily, Italy They owned a fishing equipment store, a bar, and they operated many boats in Sicily.
Carlo & Angela had 6 Children, they are: Salvatore, Carlo, Guiseppe (Joseph), Mike, Angelina, & Vito

The First born Son, Salvatore, was born September 23, 1865 in Terrasini, Sicily Italy He grew up on the North West coast of the Gulf of Castellammare The town was made up of fisherman and farmers. Salvatore was a fisherman
Salvatore Married Rosalia Delia on December 22, 1891 in Sicily.
The economy started to decline in Sicily Malaria had struck the area, and the agriculture industry was in a huge depression, a parasite attacked the grape vines destroying most of the crops. It was then, that Salvatore decided he wanted a better life for him and his family and decided to go to America. At this time they had 3 children, Charles, Salvatore, & Anthony.
On January 20, 1898 Salvatore left the Port of Naples on the SS Burgundia. Sailing for Ellis Island, he arrived on February 8th, 1898. Not able to read or write when he arrived, he listed his destination as Detroit, Michigan, where his brother Guiseppe had already immigrated to.
Manifest Salvatore

He resided at 262 Woodbridge Detroit MI. which was the area where most immigrants lived. On April 5, 1899, Salvatore became a citizen of the United States, which automatically makes his family citizens too.

In 1900 Rosalia and her 3 children (Charles 8, Salvatore 6 & Anthony 5) Rosalia's Brother Gasper & sister Concetta came to America, They borded the SS Columbia on November 20, 1900 and arrived at Ellis Island on December 6, 1900
Manifest Rosalia

In 1914 Salvatore started a Produce Business on Rivard Street near Cadillac Square Market. Making 50 cents a week, they sold apples and oranges in Greektown & eventually they moved to 2506 Market Street in the Eastern Market, Ciaramitaro Brothers Fruits & Produce prospered until 2006

Salvatore passed away on August 18, 1932, he was 67 years old. Rosalia was born in 1872 (not sure of month) and died on October 8, 1961. She was 89 years old.

Salvatore & Rosalie ended up having 9 Children: Charles, Salvatore, Anthony, Gasper, Florence, William, Mary, Joseph, & Angeline. It is this tree that, has grown generations, and has inspired to create this website.

Below is an Early Family Tree.