Note: The reason we are selling these items is to help fund the Family Picnics! 100% of all proceeds is used to help fund future family events



"The Ciaramitaro Story: From Terrasini to Detroit" DVD

This 47 minute movie traces the roots of Salvatore & Rosalia Ciaramitaro from the church where they were married in Terrasini, Sicily to their new neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan. You'll see actual ship manifest papers and naturalization documents for Salvatore & Rosalia & their journey through Ellis Island.
The movie is paced with video interviews of family elders, 8mm clips of the Eastern Market, stories from Grandma Rosalia's home at 3444 Audobon, Marriages of the Ciaramitaro children & clips from family reunion picnics.
The movie answers the question "Why did our ancestors leave beautiful Terrasini for America?" You'll want to hear the story behind the C's & S's (the Ciaramitaro spelling & the Shermetaro spelling).
The movie was produced by Bob Mazzola (son of Sam & Mary nee Ciaramitaro Mazzola) in cooperation with family genealogist Norm Hall (son of Rosalie nee Shermetaro Hall).

The "Family Reunion 2004" DVD shows footage from July 31st, 2004 Family Picnic & the Reunion Dinner the next day.



Baseball style hat with adjustable back strap, with Ciaramitaro family crest on front


Close up of Crest on Baseball style Hat


Visors with adjustable back strap, with Ciaramitaro name on front


Cook Book

Cook Book with Family Recipies



The "Famous One" (with all the siblings) is Cream colored, comes in any Size, this shirt is high quality cotton, assembled in America.

This Shirt with the picture is Known as "The Famous One"


The 2013 Shirt, is white and the front of the T-shirt will have the family Crest with year above it.
The back of each Family T-shirt will be colored to identify the Grand Parents and within the Ciaramitaro's family the first Initial of the Grand Parent will be on the back.


The back side of the shirt


The "Famous" Picture

This picture is titled the "Famous" Picture because it is the only known picture with all the siblings together (with their mother)

The picture is 4 x 6 inches



  The DVD of "Ciaramitaro Story" is $15.00
  The Baseball Style Hat is $12 each or 2 for $20
  The Visor Hat is $10 each
  The Cookbook is $18 each
  The Apron with Family Crest is $15.00 each
  The "Famous" Shirt -Limited Sizes Available- (Cream Colored Shirt with all the siblings) are $5.00 each!
  The 2013 T-Shirts -All sizes, All Families- are $8.00 each
  The "Family Reunion 2004" DVD is $.50 each
  CD of Family Tree is $.50 each
  The "Famous" Picture (of all the Children) is $.50 each Photo Holder is $.50 each

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